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"Your class has been so helpful to me that I even decided to reach out for help at the university ( Mid-semester). I was a rape victim about a year ago and also ended up homeless, I even thought about ending my life, but I keep trying to continue with my life yet mentally and emotionally I wasn't okay. If it wasn't for your class. I don't think I would have ever reached out for the resources that were available at the university so I'm glad I took your class."

SFSU Student

best and most IMPORTANT course I have ever taken. This class should seriously become a GE requirement. Lives could be saved by taking this course.

SFSU Student

"The girls had an amazing time and learned a lot!  Thanks so much for an incredible morning.  Rachel now wants to learn Tae Kwon Do...  I really appreciate you donating your time and skill to our girls."


Stephanie is a role model for me. Her experience and background are super impressive and the way she integrates stories and the moves in class is great. I'm really sad that due to COVID-19 we were not able to meet in class anymore. I think this class should be a requirement for SFSU students for everyone's safety and I believe Stephanie would be the perfect fit to run a program like this.

SFSU Student

"I want to tell you now how much your being part of the program impacted our girls.  I loved seeing the room full of attentive girls and adults listening to you and learning.  It has also been a dream of mine for some time to have self-defense on the main stage too – so I’m aiming for next year and would love to have you lead that.” Isabel - WorldWideWomen


One of the best instructors I've had here creates a safe space and is always trying to help us improve.

SFSU Student

"In Stephanie Cyr's self defense class, we learned how to use our voice and physical power to fend off a potential attacker in the safest way for us. It was extremely empowering. Her class inspired me to have the confidence to further my knowledge in combat by training in martial arts. I feel much safer, stronger and confident in the skills I learned in her class to be able to defend myself being out in the world."


"I absolutely loved your class and it was one of my favorite classes at SFSU. The class has definitely made me feel stronger and more empowered so thank you for having such a great class!”


Great instructor giving exceptional feedback and instructions. Open to new ideas and techniques breaks down what you need to know. Fun learning environment.

SFSU Student

Thank you for always being nice understanding and making sure everyone feels comfortable. You have been by far one of my favorite teachers at sfsu and I can't thank you enough for this experience!


Excellent instructor and creates a group ambiance of helping each other.

SFSU Student

Stephanie is hands down my favorite physical education teacher ever. After this class I feel like my perspective on the world has truly evolved thanks to the practical knowledge and tips provided to us by this class. I've never had a physical education class quite like this--one that made me truly appreciate my body's abilities even as limited as my strength flexibility balance and general physicality are.

SFSU Student

So far this has been one of my favorite classes that I've taken since i transferred to SFSU. Prof Cyr is really helpful and engaging with the students and her class was a lot of fun and at the same time very informative in a lot of aspects of personal defense i never knew. After taking her class i feel more confident and prepared to react in possible threatening situations and also how to prevent them from escalating.

SFSU Student

The professor is teaching us important skills that are practical and vital. She puts the importance of every move into context and wants us to be safe. I think that she is a great instructor. She really shows she cares and knows how to gauge what is best for the students. She keeps a positive vibe and it encourages students to try their best.

SFSU Student

Professor Stephanie Cyr is a fantastic teacher. Professor Cyr is very engaging in her teaching methods and help students to feel confident in KIN 158-01 class meaning with his or her physical abilities and beyond. Professor Cyr treats everyone of her students with respect courtesy and trust.

SFSU Student

She is thorough she has a great style of teaching gets everyone involved respects peoples boundaries creates a safe environment.

SFSU Student

“Stephanie ❤️💯👏 all your videos. They are spot on for our community. Kudos to you for your wisdom and sharing!”

SFUSD Administrator

“I sweated, I laughed, and I learned a lot of things. Now I teach my friends (self defense) moves. This is my favorite class.”

SFSU Student

“I never knew I could move in ways to keep myself safe. I feel more confident in myself.”


“Thank you so much for your needed wisdom and what an opportune time for youth and their families to practice these lifelong skills you've shared. I really appreciate your reaching out to all of us to share your passion and wisdom.”

Verna A. Castro
High School Physical Education Program Administrator, 
San Francisco Unified School District

How do I thank you for giving my daughter her confidence back and making her feel valued and seen in this world?


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